Summer 2018

It is about that time of the year, when you are scrolling down through your summer time pictures, edit a few of them and make an album of your best of summer.


As we know, summer always ends with good memories.

These past months were certainly filled with lots of great adventures.

We had many day trips exploring more of our beloved island, always seeking for new species and trying to tick off a few more creatures from the Caribbean Reef Life Book.

We had some epic Blackwater dives! We have to say that, after a few years hosting this incredible dive, no two of them have been the same, it is always the opportunity to see spectacular and unique sightings!

We had memorable Night dives too! Everybody knows that Roatan is THE place for Night diving! “String of pearls“, elusive octopus and tiny nudibranchs are the stars of the show. The shallow reef with its large sandy plateau, sinuous canyons and straight drop offs make it the perfect playground for night dive lovers.

Other than our constant war against the invasive lionfish which, we all know, is a voracious predator and a threat for our local fish population, we have also decided to organize clean up dives on a regular basis. We have all witnessed the effects of marine pollution so fighting for the health of the coastline is one of our main responsibilities as a scuba diver.

andy 2.jpg

We have seen our divers grow up as confident divers, constantly challenging themselves to climb up the Padi hierarchy. Summer was a cool combo of happy divers stepping up for the first time into the blue with the Open Water course or the DSD experience, challenging themselves with the AOW, Rescue and specialty courses or achieving their dream to become a Divemaster.


Texas was playing host for epic scenery as always. Exploring this world class dive site with Nitrox is something everybody has to do at least once in their life. You may be a photographer in search of the perfect wide angle shot, a lionfish hunter or even a diver wanting to enjoy a mild drift and experience a close encounter with some of the biggest inhabitants of the reef!

We would like to thank all our diver friends who keep supporting us and being part of this fantastic journey which is West End Divers! Big kudos to all our underwater photographer friends: Steve and Jean Zedekar, Kerry Edwards, Andy Coriell, Kal Lin and Mickey Charteris for sharing their wonderful pictures with us!

Share and Enjoy the Best of Summer 2018!